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This timely report highlights emerging trends about health and hygiene in travel and tourism concerning traveller booking behaviour and resident sentiment to assist destination managers rethink, rebuild, and reposition their destinations.

Download the Recovery Toolkit

Toolkit includes: 2 x Strategy Docs, 4 x Sector Kits, 6 x COVID-19 Printable Signs and 5 x Case Studies

Create Your Own Recovery Plan

Use the PATA Recovery Planner to create a personalised, five-phased COVID-19 tourism recovery plan for your destination.

Crisis Resource Centre Tools to Help During COVID-19

Our tools will help you navigate your way through the challenges of the global pandemic

Communication Strategy Guide

Learn how to develop an effective communication strategy for your organisation to support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crisis Communication Planner

Learn how to develop a robust crisis communication plan which will position your organisation to quickly reassure and engage with key stakeholders when the next crisis strikes.

Lead Recovery with our COVID-19 Sector Kits

Looking for specific industry-related COVID-19 recovery guides? Our carefully curated sector kits have all the information you need

Supporting Partners

Case Studies

Find out how destinations and businesses were impacted by different forms of crisis, the challenges they faced and the innovation, opportunities and resources that they found to steer their course to recovery.

Get Crisis Advice From Experts

PATA has a great wealth of experience of working with both the private sector and DMOs during periods of crisis. We have a network of experts and consultants with extensive experience in this field.

Destinations that succeed in achieving recovery will be those that re-engage with these partners and demonstrate they have a phased, structured plan to demonstrate the capacity and return to growth.

Launch On-site Training!

One of the best ways of ensuring that a destination moves towards recovery is to ensure that all stakeholders work together within a coordinated destination strategy. As travel resumes and destinations open, holding trade forums and conducting on-site training in all elements of recovery will be essential.