A public resource aiding in the rapid, robust, and responsible renewal of the Asia Pacific Travel and Tourism Industry. PATA’s Crisis Resource Center (CRC) was developed to help destinations recover from the COVID-19 crisis and prepare them for future crises that will come. The end goal is to help build a more resilient tourism industry.

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The course consists of ten (10) modules that cover all the necessary steps towards destinations’ resilience and long-term sustainability. Certificates are provided upon completion of each module and the course.

Measure Your Destination's Resilience

Our tools will help kickstart & navigate your journey towards resilience"

Risk Exposure Tool

PATA’s Tourism Destination Risk Exposure Tool calculates and reports your risk exposure.

Resilience Assessment Tool

PATA’s resilience assessment is both a process and outcome that enables tourism destinations to withstand adversity and bounce forward from crisis and disasters.

Learn How To Make Your Destination More Resilient

As part of the Crisis Resource Center, PATA’s Tourism Destination Resilience (TDR) programme enables destinations to withstand adversity and bounce forward from crises and disasters. Tourism Destination Resilience is essential for sustainability. Without resilience, years of progress in regenerating an ecosystem or eliminating poverty could be lost in one disaster. This is why we advocate that for a tourism destination to be sustainable, it must first be resilient.

Tools for reopening your destination post-COVID

PATA Crisis Recovery Center COVID-19 Resources were created to support all tourism stakeholders by building capacity to support recovery efforts in the robust, and responsible renewal of the Asia Pacific travel and tourism Industry.

Tailored Solutions​

Each destination has unique challenges, and every tourism system is fundamentally complex. While the TDR Programme offers a basic framework for destinations to kickstart their journey towards resilience, PATA offers additional advisory services that help to tailor solutions to your destination.

Supporting Partners

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We help support the growth of our members’ businesses in both public and private sectors by expanding their networks regionally and globally, while strengthening the tourism industry through trade events, industry research, professional development programs, and targeted channels for brand exposure.