COVID-19 Weekly Recap: August 6 – 14

COVID-19 Weekly Recap: August 6 – 14

This article is intended to provide travel professionals and business leaders with an objective perspective on the evolving situation through facts, statistics, official statements and key resources from international regulatory bodies and government ministries. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the articles may fall rapidly out of date. We will provide updates on a weekly basis as the outbreak evolves.


Skift:S&P Downgrades Air Travel Demand Forecast – 13 August, 2020 

After a flurry of second-quarter results showed that the airline industry is worse off than we thought, out comes a new report that makes the bad news even more grim. S&P Global now expects air travel demand to be down 60-70% this year compared with 2019,  downgrading from the 50-55% previously forecast.


CNBC:Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines will ‘inevitably’ take longer to recover, analyst says – 13 August, 2020 

Cathay Pacific reported a loss of 9.87 billion Hong Kong dollars ($1.27 billion) for the first half of 2020, after registering a profit of 1.35 billion Hong Kong dollars a year ago. For the quarter ended June 30, Singapore Airlines reported a net loss of 1.12 billion Singapore dollars ($817.5 million), down from a net profit of 111 million Singapore dollars the previous year.


CNN: Covid-19 travel restrictions state by state – 12 August, 2020 

For you’re planning a family vacation or simply wish to travel to another state, it is important to be updated on the latest statewide regulations. While some US states have no restrictions, all their sites have important Covid-19 safety information, including possible face mask mandates in public settings.


UNWTO: COVID-19 Responses Must Not Undermine Solidarity and Confidence – 12 August, 2020

This goes hand-in-hand with a responsibility to preserve the spirit of international solidarity that has characterized our response to this shared crisis, a response that has included international institutions, the civil society at large and individual citizens.


Simpliflying: Ancillary Revenues In The Age Of COVID-19: 6 Companies Paving The Way – 12 August, 2020 

Unlike the last crisis, this one has proven an extremely costly affair for aviation, not just in the loss of revenue, but in making many substantial capital expenditure investments along with a vast increase in ongoing operating expenses.


CNA: China eases COVID-19 travel restrictions for Europeans – 12 August, 2020 

China has eased entry restrictions for nationals from 36 European countries, months after thousands were left stranded when the country closed its borders and slashed flights to slow the spread of COVID-19.


CNN:Is winter holiday travel canceled? Not quite – 11 August, 2020 

Numerous data points indicate that come the 2020 holiday season, many would-be travelers are choosing not to travel at least not yet. But, there is evidence on the flip side showing that winter holiday vacations for some are still on the cards.


FoxBusiness: Coronavirus prompts airlines to have face mask-related ‘no fly’ lists – 11 August, 2020 

Travelers who refuse to follow protective face masks or covers during the coronavirus pandemic may risk their chance to get on their favored major airline 


OAG: OAG Coronavirus Update – Week Thirty Have We Just Peaked? – 10 August, 2020

Last week we broke through the 60 million mark; this week we are just below that point and although there are pockets of capacity growth around the globe there are also a number of new travel and rumoured travel restrictions dragging capacity down.


IATA: IATA Economics’ Chart of the Week: Industry outlook for demand and yields diverge – 7 August, 2020 

This week, we released the results of our quarterly Business Confidence Survey of airline CFOs and Heads of Cargo. The results of the survey confirm the severe impact of COVID-19 on the industry in Q2 2020. 


OAG: Covid Turbulence – how countries got cancellations under control – 6 August, 2020

The past 30 weeks have seen the number of cancelled flights go through the roof as a result of the global pandemic, causing disruption to passengers, airlines and airports.

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