Covid-19 Weekly Recap: July 17 – July 23

Covid-19 Weekly Recap: July 17 – July 23


This article is intended to provide travel professionals and business leaders with an objective perspective on the evolving situation through facts, statistics, official statements and key resources from international regulatory bodies and government ministries. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the articles may fall rapidly out of date. We will provide updates on a weekly basis as the outbreak evolves. 


Skift: A Pandemic Tip for Hotel Brands: Treat Your Workers the Way You Treat Guests – 21 July 2020

If your consumer-facing experience is cutting edge Mac, but your back end is a dusty PC, you have a problem. Now more than ever as workers return to the job, hospitality brands need to ensure that the experiences, both physical and digital, that employees have are as strong as the consumer experience.

Skift: The Latest Corporate Travel Agency Invention? ‘The Journey Manager’ – 21 July, 2020 

This travel management on steroids approach could backfire with yet another new title that will certainly confuse legacy players. By underlining all the complexities of travel, corporate clients may start to question if it’s worth all the effort.

OAG: OAG Coronavirus Update – Week Twenty-Seven Steady As She Goes But Worrying Early Winter Indicators – 20 July, 2020 

A steady 3.5% growth in capacity takes us to just under 56 million seats this week as the slow recovery continues. The major “story” last week appears to have been the retirement of the BA B747 fleet; something that we had predicted months ago and yet somehow still manages to make headlines for an airline that really isn’t back flying yet. 

ACI: Flexible technology is key as airports adapt for post-COVID-19 travel – 20 July, 2020

In recent years, some airports across the world have pursued digital transformation to overcome the constraints of their existing rigid systems. By moving to modern, flexible solutions they have gained the agility to rapidly scale to match demand. This allows them to efficiently manage operations and deliver the same excellent passenger experience during times of peak pressure, as well as during quieter periods.

ACI: Managing temporary reductions of airport capacity | ACI World Blog – July 17, 2020 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, national authorities, airport operators and airlines have imposed various measures to face the crisis. Some of these decisions, such as social distancing in airports or mandatory use of face coverings, are made for purely health-related reasons, and can be mandatorily imposed by regulators depending on local circumstances.

IATA:IATA Economics’ Chart of the Week – 17 July, 2020

Many of those traveling now are exchanging tickets bought earlier.

This week’s chart focuses on the widespread use of vouchers, which is one of the difficulties airlines will be facing as they are slowly moving towards restarting their operations. 

Weforum: New Targets Required for Economic Recovery, Argues New World Economic Forum Report – 16 July, 2020 

Reducing inequality and improving social mobility, identifying new forms of growth, and focusing on new measures of economic performance are among the biggest challenges facing the global economy as countries emerge from lockdown.

ACI: The queues are returning: Top 5 challenges security checkpoints will face – July 15, 2020

Security checkpoints at airports have always been a bit of an enigma; they are typically the biggest source of bottlenecks and don’t usually fare well when it comes to customer feedback. The screening process is one that is very time intensive and airports are always looking for ways to make it more efficient without compromising safety.

OAG: OAG Coronavirus Update – Week Twenty Six – Halfway There – 50 Million Breakthrough Moment – 13 July, 2020 

Last week we were very close, this week we have broken through the 50 million weekly seats mark which is great news, however, at 53.8 million we remain at just 45% of the capacity available in the same week last year. And just to give you some historic context in 1996, the earliest online year for OAG data there were some 52.6million seats; we have come a long way in those years!


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