COVID-19 Weekly Recap: July 3 – July 9

COVID-19 Weekly Recap: July 3 – July 9

A weekly recap of facts, stats, official statements and key resources on COVID-19

This article is intended to provide travel professionals and business leaders with an objective perspective on the evolving situation through facts, statistics, official statements and key resources from international regulatory bodies and government ministries. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the articles may fall rapidly out of date. We will provide updates on a weekly basis as the outbreak evolves. 

IATA: Traveler survey reveals COVID-19 concerns – July 7, 2020 

Travelers’ top concern at the airport is being in a crowded bus/train on the way to the aircraft while their concern on the airplane is sitting next to someone who might be infected. When asked to rank the top three measures that would make them feel safer, 37% cited COVID-19 screening at departure airports, 34% agreed with mandatory wearing of facemasks and 33% noted social distancing measures on aircraft.

ForwardsKey: Flight Searches & Bookings to The Caribbean – July 6, 2020

What does the horizon look like for The Caribbean now that several nations have reopened their borders and hotels open their doors for international guests? This week the ForwardKeys analysts examined the latest travel statistics, looking for key trends and changes in booking habits.

ACI: COVID-19: What to expect from your next journey at the airport – July 6, 2020 

For the past few years, ASQ data has been quite stable in showing that basic needs driving the overall satisfaction in airports are cleanliness of the airport, availability of washrooms/toilets, and internet access, but some of these key drivers have been impacted and changes have been discerned in the context of a health crisis where new hygiene measures had to be implemented.

UNWTO and Italy look ahead as official visit marks restart of European tourism – July 3, 2020

The leadership of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is on its first official visit to a Member State since restrictions on travel were introduced in response to COVID-19. The four-day trip to Italy (1-5 July) comes as the United Nations specialized agency for tourism guides the sector’s restart and destinations across the Schengen Zone open their borders to tourists once again.

IATA: The cargo capacity crunch is easing, but the unwind will take time – July 3, 2020 

Dedicated freighter capacity remains elevated, while belly cargo capacity (incl. preighters) is slowly rising on the back of a slow return to passenger operations on some international markets. However, the capacity crunch is likely to take some time to unwind as the passenger fleet returns to service at a gradual pace.

Skift: Singapore’s Changi Airport is testing several technologies to cope with the pandemic – July 2, 2020

Singapore’s Changi Airport is testing several technologies to cope with the pandemic. Proximity touch check-in kiosks coated with anti-microbial disinfectant, autonomous cleaning robots with misting attachments, and contactless toilets are some of its measures.

OECD: Unemployment is soaring and will remain high into 2021 

Lockdown measures brought in by most governments have succeeded in slowing the spread of the virus and in reducing the death toll, but have also frozen business activity in many sectors and unemployment is soaring. It is projected to reach nearly 10% in OECD countries by the end of 2020, up from 5.3% at year-end 2019, and to go as high as 12% should a second pandemic wave hit. A return to pre-crisis levels is not expected until after 2021.

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