COVID-19 Weekly Recap: June 18 – 25

COVID-19 Weekly Recap: June 18 – 25

A weekly recap of facts, stats, official statements and key resources on COVID-19

This article is intended to provide travel professionals and business leaders with an objective perspective on the evolving situation through facts, statistics, official statements and key resources from international regulatory bodies and government ministries. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the articles may fall rapidly out of date. We will provide updates on a weekly basis as the outbreak evolves. 

IATA: Travel impact of Quarantine – June 24, 2020

Published by the International Air Transport Association, this presentation demonstrates the effect of country-based quarantines on air travel.

IATA Proposes Alternatives to Quarantine – June 24, 2020

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) urged governments to avoid quarantine measures when re-opening their economies. IATA is promoting a layered approach of measures to reduce the risk of countries importing COVID-19 via air travel and to mitigate the possibility of transmission in cases where people may travel while unknowingly being infected.

Sojern: Insights on Travel Impact, The Middle East and Africa – June 23, 2020

Domestic travel in the region continues to grow as restrictions are lifted. Although there is still a long way to go until international travel reaches the levels of domestic searches and bookings, we are starting to see much more positive signs that travel intent and confidence is returning from international markets. With announcements pending such as air bridges being introduced with European countries, and the region opening up to tourists, we are expecting an even more positive outlook over the coming weeks.

OAG: Three Beijing Spike Neutralises Growth Elsewhere – June 22, 2020

Week twenty-three of the Covid-19 crisis and the lowest week on week change in capacity reported. 39.911 million seats this week compared to 39.960 million last week represents less than one tenth of a percentage point change in capacity as airlines around the world wait for July and further clarity around lockdowns, corridors and bridges. The headline numbers may have remained constant but there remains considerable churn in the weekly data.

ACI: Restoring passenger confidence amid the crisis – June 19, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis for the aviation industry, but recovery will happen by restoring public confidence in the health and safety of flying. As travellers return to the skies, one of the most valuable contributions airports can make is to offer clear guidelines and information, addressing their customers’anxiety around travel and supporting public health initiatives.

Dragon Trail Interactive: How Are Chinese Travel KOLs Surviving the COVID-19 Crisis? – June 18, 2020

Facing months with no salary and unable to create new content, how will China’s travel KOLs save themselves and plan for the future? This spring, Chinese travel industry media Travel Marketing Watch’s Susan Li spoke to a number of leading KOLs to understand the key developments for travel sales and influencer marketing.

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