COVID-19 Weekly Recap: June 4 – 11

COVID-19 Weekly Recap: June 4 – 11

A weekly recap of facts, stats, official statements and key resources on COVID-19

This article is intended to provide travel professionals and business leaders with an objective perspective on the evolving situation through facts, statistics, official statements and key resources from international regulatory bodies and government ministries. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the articles may fall rapidly out of date. We will provide updates on a weekly basis as the outbreak evolves. 

Sojern: COVID-19: Insights on Travel Impact, The Middle East and Africa – updated June 9, 2020

Travel to and within the MEA region is moving in a positive direction. Although trips look different to those planned pre-COVID-19, travellers and travel brands are finding ways to make travel possible. These include staycations, daycations, and workations, which have increased domestic travel confidence throughout the region.

Sojern: COVID-19 Recovery Toolkit: Creative Trends and Recommendations for Your Ads During Recovery – updated June 9, 2020 

As countries start to reopen and restrictions lighten, we’re starting to see hotels and attractions kick into recovery mode. With your advertising now back up and running, we want to make sure you’re able to capture the attention of travelers dreaming of your destination. With that in mind, Sojern has put together a list of creative recommendations you can start using today.

ForwardKeys: Flight Searches & Bookings to Latin America – June 9, 2020

Upon examining recent bookings from the UK, one of the key source markets for Latin America and the Caribbean, there are signs of rebound blossoming. Cancellations are easing up and as of May 25, new weekly bookings outpace cancellations for the first time since March.

IATA: Industry Losses to Top $84 Billion in 2020 – June 9, 2020

IATA released its financial outlook for the global air transport industry showing that airlines are expected to lose $84.3 billion in 2020 for a net profit margin of -20.1%. Revenues will fall 50% to $419 billion from $838 billion in 2019. In 2021, losses are expected to be cut to $15.8 billion as revenues rise to $598 billion.

Dragon Trail Interactive: “Hello World” – Post-Virus Consumption Recovery Report – June 8, 2020

What will recovery really be like in the offline setting? Will recovery look different in different cities? Dragon Trail Interactive has summarized the key findings from the report which looks at data spanning December 2019 through the 2020 May 1 Labor Day holiday in China, comparing eight cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Xi’an. Topics include retail, travel, and lifestyle.

IATA: Domestic Asia Pacific recovery points to improving demand in May – June 5, 2020 

This week IATA’s chart shows the pattern of domestic market recovery in a sample of countries which appear to have contained COVID-19 successfully, with South Korea, Vietnam, China and New Zealand amongst the domestic markets showing clear signs of rebound.

OECD: The global outlook is highly uncertain  

Published by OECD, this outlook focuses on two equally probable scenarios – one in which a second wave of infections, with renewed lock-downs, hits before the end of 2020, and one in which another major outbreak is avoided.

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