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While the COVID-19 crisis has been unprecedented, we can still learn a great deal about the potential opportunities and pitfalls on the road to recovery. By learning from the examples of other destinations in a time of crisis we can make more informed decisions and avoid making mistakes that others have made.

These case studies show us how both destinations and businesses were impacted by different forms of crisis, the challenges they faced and the innovation, opportunities and resources that they found to steer their course to recovery.

Timeline of Case Studies

Recovering from the Bali Bombings

Find out how deep discounting and promotional campaigns drove an increase in visitor numbers and average hotel occupancy after the Bali Bombings in October 2002.

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Hong Kong’s Recovery from SARS

With average hotel occupancy rising from 17% in May 2003 to 93% in November, find out how a carefully planned, phased communication strategy aided Hong Kong’s rapid recovery from the SARS epidemic.

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Singapore: Recovering from SARS

Singapore's SARS outbreak caused its tourism industry to plummet, with visitor numbers down by 71% in May 2003. Find out how a series of marketing and communication campaigns helped push visitor arrivals back up to 76% in June 2003.

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After the Tsunami: The Phuket Action Plan

Learn how Thailand rallied to get the tourism industry restarted after the Indian Ocean tsunami which struck Phuket on the morning of 26th December 2004.

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Thien Minh Group Fighting Against COVID-19

Vietnam's tourism sector accounted for 8.8% of its GDP in 2019 and the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020 has hit it hard. Find out how one of Vietnam's leading travel and hospitality groups has fought back against this global pandemic.

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Vietnam's Response to COVID-19

Having successfully implemented proactive and effective policies to battle COVID-19, find out how Vietnam became one of the first destinations to end social distancing and reopen society.

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