Crisis Advisory​

Crisis Advisory

PATA has a great wealth of experience of working with both the private sector and DMOs during periods of crisis. We have a network of experts and consultants with extensive experience in this field.

Destinations that succeed in achieving recovery will be those that re-engage with these partners and demonstrate they have a phased, structured plan to demonstrate the capacity and return to growth.

As you work towards recovery, PATA can help you identify the right experts and partners to help you develop a qualified, adaptive solutions-based crisis strategy with three key phases:

Three Key Phases

1. React

  • Create an immediate digital campaign to amplify social media and user-generated content (UGC) to retain engagement and keep the destination top of mind for future travel
  • Develop a source of updated comprehensive destination information, recommendations and direction to the tourism industry and other key stakeholders with frequent updates
  • Hold online trade engagement events locally and internationally to gain real-time intelligence to information

2. Rethink

  • Enhance digital/social amplification to communicate early tourism vibrancy of the destination
  • Work closely with travel media to drive a recovery narrative
  • Execute research plans to determine potential sources and target markets.
  • Plan recovery campaigns from short-haul, domestic and regional campaigns through to a longer-term strategy for the recovery of longer haul source markets

3. Recover

  • Delivery of informed and targeted recovery campaigns
  • Review the areas of vulnerability in the current strategy (over-reliance on a single source market/ over-reliance on a few channels) and identify priority markets
  • Scenario planning for market recovery and long-term implications
  • Prepare to be resilient in the face of possible future pandemic level events or other crises

Looking for Crisis Advice?​

If you need assistance or recommendations for your recovery plans, please contact us.