On-site Training

Recovery Starts Here!

One of the best ways of ensuring that a destination moves towards recovery is to ensure that all stakeholders work together within a coordinated destination strategy. As travel resumes and destinations open, holding trade forums and conducting on-site training in all elements of recovery will be essential.

These May Include:

  • Best practice and protocols for mitigation and prevention
  • Designing and implementing the new guest experience
  • Stakeholder sourced assessment of changing markets
  • Partnerships for cooperative marketing

PATA has a great wealth of experience of working with both the private sector and DMOs during periods of crisis. We have a network of experts and consultants with extensive experience who can deliver these kinds of training programs.

On-site Training: Learning How to Run a Sustainable Resort

In this video, we provided accommodation owners with the knowledge and insight into building an eco-friendly, “green” resort. The training was led by Anthony Wong, Group Managing Director, Frangipani Hotels & Resorts.

Looking for On-site Training?

If you are interested in arranging on-site training for your business or organisation, please contact us.