Tools & Resources

Get all the resources your organisation may need to move forward and successfully recover from the COVID-19 global pandemic.

What you’ll get:

  • Case Studies
  • Communication Strategy
  • Crisis Communication Planner
  • Aviation Kit
  • Hospitality Kit
  • Tour Operator Kit
  • SME Kit
  • Printable COVID-19 Signage

Download the Recovery Toolkit

Toolkit includes: 2 x Strategy Docs, 4 x Sector Kits, 6 x COVID-19 Printable Signs and 5 x Case Studies

Create Your Own Recovery Plan

Use the PATA Recovery Planner to create a personalised, five-phased COVID-19 tourism recovery plan for your destination.

Develop your Communication Strategy​​

Learn how to develop an effective communications strategy for your organisation to support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Create a Crisis Communication Plan

Learn how to develop a robust crisis communication plan which will position your organisation to quickly reassure and engage with key stakeholders when the next crisis strikes.

View Our Sector Resource Kits

Looking for specific industry-related COVID-19 recovery guides? Our carefully curated sector kits have all the information you need.

Download Your COVID-19 Signage Kit

To help you prepare for a safe return, we’ve designed a COVID-19 Signage Kit which you can use to make people aware of how you’ve adapted and prepared for the way forward. Download your COVID-19 Signage Kit today.