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Managing your small and medium-sized enterprise during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tour and Ground Handling operations have found themselves at the centre of a crisis that has impacted them from both ends of the travel buying process. For an industry that often served as conduit between aviation and accommodation – the sudden cessation of flights and cancellation of accommodation bookings placed them in a position in which the supply
chain closed off on either side of their businesses. This has left them in a precarious position, mired in challenges of managing B2C cancellations and re-bookings and facilitation of the same via B2B relationships, including distribution channels, packaging and partnerships.

Managing this balance has presented a complex challenge for tour operators as they try and minimize the negative impacts of cancellations and maximize the likelihood of postponement and re-bookings while simultaneously ensuring that all elements of these itineraries will be fully functional at the time of rebooking.

Equally, tour operations face operational challenges for reopening when it comes to managing, moving and accommodation groups of clients at a time when health recommendations and new protocols demand increased space and distancing.

This resource kit is to help tour operators work towards making the decisions needed and make a plan for sustainable recovery

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